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Hundreds of millions of girls and women are suffering from different forms of violence and oppression. 12 million girls are forced into marriage every year, end of childhood, end of education.

We believe that every girl has the right for education, equality and empowerment. Every woman has the right to live free from violence and oppression.

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Changing the way of making things possible

We are creating a model that offers an opportunity for our customers to make an impact and get something in return - see how and where their money is being spent and how it has enabled the change.

We operate as fundraising agents for small NGOs, freeing up their time from money collecting to actual doing. Our service is free for the NGO and small-scale fundraisers, we take the commission straight from the donation. We also offer reporting and follow up tools for the cause creators, to make sure everything is transparent and traceable.

We provide communal feeling and openness for our impact makers. We do not believe in giving alms, because we understand the psychological aspect of one being superior to another when it comes to charity. We instead show these girls and women, that we value them, believe in their right to be fully part of this amazing world.

Our business model is built around openness and our customers are able to see how much is spent in running our business. We believe that with the right kind of business model, values and mindset, we are able to create a business that makes an impact and is profitable.

Meet Our Superheroines

We are taking action and we are doing it with passion!

Anna Juusela

CEO, Founder

Kristina Mancheva

Head of Design

Laura-Maaria Penttilä

UI/UX Designer

Trang Nguen

Growth Hacker

Emily Stamp

Content Creator

Our Advisors

We are taking action and we are doing it with passion!

Gokul Srinivasan

AI & Technology Advisor

Teemu Jäntti

Blockchain & Business Advisor

Visa Virén

Business Advisor

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